Guido Elle

A simple and spontaneous relationship with photography and a continuous quest for versatility and expressiveness.

Through photography, I aim to capture reality with creativity. I have never embraced complex technical constructs. I have this need to create images and to see that each one, even when it has a commercial purpose, carries an emotional and artistic significance that reflects my vision. I don’t believe that the image market should follow rigid rules; in fact, I think these rules should be transformed into virtues. I am convinced that overly elaborate and artificial construction in an image lacks depth and risks becoming ridiculous, detaching the subject from its natural context in the scenic world. Capturing the essence of an image, its depth, is the art that truly fascinates me, just as drawing and painting have always fascinated me.

Lifestyle photography

Fashion Photography


The study of anatomy in fashion, as in other fields including photography, is fundamental. The body follows a line that highlights an imaginary beginning and end, and this line represents the image.

Capturing the Essence of Sports: A Passion for Action Photography

I love photographing action and sports, capturing the energy and movement of athletes in intense and authentic moments. Each shot tells a story of strength and passion. For me, it’s essential to capture the essence of sports through the lens, revealing the dedication and spirit of the athletes. This is what makes sports photography so exciting and meaningful.

Action photography

Capturing the Soul of Music: The Magic of Music Photography

Music photography is a continuous challenge to capture the vibrant essence of concerts and performances. Each image is a journey into the heart of the event, where the energy of the stage blends with the emotion of the audience. I always seek the perfect angle, the moment when the artist loses themselves in the music, to create shots that tell powerful and authentic stories. For me, music photography is more than just a click: it’s a way to immortalize the magic and passion that make every show unique and unforgettable.

Music photography

Shooting for musica jazz magazine - Ottobre 2023


Music has been a companion to me since childhood, and I have studied and played it self-taught for many years. Since my teenage years, I have preferred string instruments, dedicating my passion primarily to the guitar. Combining music with photography allows me to capture the emotions of musicians during their performances through their melodic lines.

Crafting Visual Stories: A Passion for Filmmaking and Cinematography

Creating videos and making films, capturing unique emotions and narratives, is my passion. Each shoot is an opportunity to tell an engaging story. I enjoy exploring different techniques and styles to make every project special and authentic. For me, it’s essential to convey the essence of each scene, revealing the passion and dedication of the protagonists.

Videomaking & Cinematography