Massimiliano Ferretti

Massimiliano Ferretti actor

Massimiliano Ferretti was born in Rome on March 2, 1962, at 11:00 AM during a rare weather event for the city… it was snowing. A child with congenital hypersensitivity, he made his debut as a singer-songwriter at the age of fourteen in a music festival at the Clemson Theater in his Testaccio neighborhood. He continued this cultural activity until the age of thirty, performing in a well-known club in Trastevere, where he came into contact with the most famous singer-songwriters of the ’70s. He founded cultural associations that operated within the city, organizing high-profile events such as the Testaccio Film Fest (Noir, Rome, and the short film competition “SottoQuindici” with Caterina Guzzanti as jury president), Testaccio Racconta, and Testaccio in Jazz with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Rome and the Villa Celimontana Jazz Association (three days of concerts featuring the best artists of the Roman and national jazz scene). He also collaborated with Testaccio Comic Off – the Comedy Theater Festival. After ending his career as a singer-songwriter, he continued writing poetry and working on his first novel.

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